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First Lady Marcia Bolden is a Woman of Purpose and Power. She can be found operating in various roles including pastor's wife, mother, community leader, advocate, ministry leader, and friend. Lady Bolden is driven by her desire to fulfill God's divine call upon her life. Lady Bolden makes her presence known through her relentless efforts of advocacy. Standing as a role model with authenticity and courage, and leading through empowerment and inspiration. She has a heart and genuine concern for helping the disadvantaged and disheartened. In addition to serving in the ministry with her husband, District Elder Henry Bolden II, she is the mother of two children, Addison and Henry III.

Lady Bolden has been blessed with many gifts as a business professional, public servant, and leader in the Peoria community. She serves on multiple boards and advisory committees including: Women of Faith in Action Ministry, the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Leadership Institute, and Board of Directors for local non-profits and school boards. She has played an integral role in raising fund, securing resources and advocating for educational and financial access for underserved populations.

A leader in her own right, Lady Marcia Bolden has earned numerous awards and recognition including: the 25 Women in Leadership Award, the Eliza Pindell, YWCA Women in Leadership Philanthropy, Community Service and Volunteerism Award, and the C.H.O.I.C.E.S. David Helman Principal of the Year Award. Additionally, she has received honorable mention for her humanitarian work and civic contributions by Afra Victoria Magazine for the Renaissance Woman of Color, the Peoria Interbusiness Issues, and Illinois Central College's Role Model: Profiles of Successful African American Professionals in Peoria, Illinois. Lady Bolden is a graduate of Illinois State University and the University of Pheonix where she earned her BS in Social Work and MBA.

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